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Tattoo Art: Old School & New School

Posted by Matt Knight

Tattoo art, like most forms of art, covers an eclectic range of styles, subject matter and messages. Of these sub-categories, Old School is one of the most instantly recognisable. The clear lines and iconography relevant to sailing lore have evolved into a popular style for those with a love of inked skin. Conversely, style has evolved on the other end of the spectrum into what is being dubbed 'New School'. An anthesis to its older brother, New School tattoo art relies less on a rigid style and is more commonly associated with experimentation, natural colours and subtle messages.

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Illustrated eBooks: Tattoo Art. iPad Ready

Posted by Catherine Taylor

We've just released a gorgeous new digital edition of our unrivalled book: Tattoo Art by Russ Thorne. 192pp pages of colour photographs, revealing brilliant tattoo designs from fabulous contemporary tattoo artists, photographed in style by the best photographers. It's available on the Apple iBookstore and is designed for the iPad Retina display which shows off the detailed and glorious art. We're very excited about it!

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