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Running Made Easy: Staying Safe

Posted by Matt Knight
running made easy, staying safeSafety should be your number-one priority on every run. Running safety is mostly common sense, but even a momentary lapse can spell disaster and taking some simple steps will ensure a safe and happy run.

Consider these helpful pieces of advice from our experts, ensuring your running experience is safe and enjoyable.

  • MP3 players: Only ever listen to music on a run when you are certain it is safe to do so, and never when running in the road.

  • Run against the traffic: If you are running in the road, you are vulnerable. Always run on the side of the road where you are facing oncoming traffic.

  • Be seen: Running at night and in poor visibility means wearing high-visibility clothing and even small clip-on lights. Make yourself as visible as possible.


  • Stay in contact: When exploring more isolated routes, take a mobile phone. Public phone boxes aren’t as common as they used to be.

  • Beware driveways: When running on pavements, stay alert for cars reversing from drives.

  • Take a running mate: If you are concerned about isolated routes, always run with someone else.

  • Make your route known: It is always best to let someone know roughly where you are intending to go and how long you are likely to be.

  • Make a noise: A small attack alarm or whistle can be a sensible precaution.


  • Pay attention: It is all too easy to allow a car to pass, only to step out in front of a second vehicle. Stay alert.

  • Carry identification: This is vital in case of an emergency – consider something as simple as writing your phone number inside a shoe; paramedics will know to check.

  • ICE: If you carry a mobile phone, enter a contact as ICE (In Case of Emergency) with a relevant contact number – again, paramedics know to check for this.

  • Rights of way: Always check on a map for rights of way, as online satellite maps can be (literally) misleading.

  • Silent cyclists: Cyclists make little noise, but an impact with one can be as devastating as with a car. Stay alert on likely cycle routes.


This post is based on an extract from our bestselling book, Running by Justin Bowyer (ISBN: 9780857753892) – where you can find more on the above and further help and advice on running. Have a look on amazon by clicking here.


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