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The Body Book, Cooking with Coolio, plus a Simple, Healthy Recipe

Posted by Matt Knight

There is a lot of celebrity advice out there. This year Cameron Diaz's The Body Book has had a sterling run, featuring highly in Amazon's 'Health, Fitness & Dieting' list (currently residing at #7 despite being published in January). If 2014 has proved anything, it's that the trend of celebrity endorsed health books is not in decline.

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Topics: Quick and Easy Recipes, cookery, cooking on a budget

Simple Recipes: Turkey Hash with Potato and Beetroot

Posted by Catherine Taylor

It's that time of the year again: leaves are starting to change colour, sweaters are reappearing and students are going back to school. Now is the time when everybody re-evaluates his or her budget, and for most students that means spending the bare minimum on food. Well, as a fellow student, I can tell you that a small food budget means much more than eating canned soup every night! It's completely possible to cook beautiful and delicious meals with little money.

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Topics: Quick and Easy Recipes, student recipes, cookery, cooking on a budget

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