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Expert Advice: Feral Cats and How to Help Them

Posted by Laura Bulbeck

We all know and have probably loved a cat or two, but have you stopped to think of the cats on the streets lately? News items about the growing population of feral cats are becoming more and more frequent. This is being seen from rural Pennsylvania and the busy streets of New York City all the way to Australia. Either posing a threat to other wildlife or causing political controversy, these feral cats are becoming the norm. Some live short, dangerous lives in deplorable conditions. Others are welcomed as working cats around factories and farms. Because of the perceived dangers to humans, other species, and the cats themselves, and out of compassion for the animals, many people campaign to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets and support the humane control of feral cats. The great debate of what to do with them shouldn’t be approached without first knowing them.

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