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6 Reasons Why Vinegar is the Ultimate Cleaning Product | Expert Advice Made Easy

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Most of us think of it as little more than a delicious condiment to add to our fish and chips, but vinegar is also an effective all-purpose cleaner that is perfect for use around the home. In fact, records show that vinegar has been produced commercially and used for all kinds of cleaning from as early as 3000 BC! Remarkably versatile, antibacterial and safe, vinegar is a simple, eco-friendly option that is great for regular use. Today we’re going to look at how it can be used in the kitchen: kitchen surfaces and items are used on a daily basis, and their role in food preparation means that it is highly important to keep these areas hygienic. There is no end of its uses there, from dealing with soap build-up in dishwashers and microwaves, to tackling food containers that have been stained and scented by strong foods and liquids. With a few of these quick and easy solutions you can make the most of this miraculous product and keep your kitchen and cooking implements free of germs and unpleasant odours.

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Simple But Effective Uses for Vinegar

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Vinegar has been used for all sorts of things for thousands of years, including industrial, medical and domestic uses, some of which are still used today. It is the oldest storable food and because it can be stored for an almost unlimited period, it is the only food without an expiry date. The ancient Babylonians around 5,000 BC were among the first to recognize the versatile nature of vinegar and used it as both a preserver and a condiment. They were also the first to flavour vinegar with herbs and spices and use it in their cooking. I will be looking at some fantastic culinary tricks using vinegar, as well as exploring the best ways to use it around the kitchen and home for cleaning and some ways it can benefit your health. It really is surprising how much you can use vinegar for!

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Topics: kitchen and home, vinegar

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