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Glastonbury Festival 2015 | Rock Music News

Posted by Matt Knight


The incredible world phenomenon of Glastonbury Festival was in full swing this past weekend. Words like ‘successful’ and ‘brilliant’ seem to be an understatement to describe the astonishing action-packed weekend, so people are instead describing their experiences with speechless murmurs and smiles. Bands such as The Who exploded the stage as thousands of fans gathered to hear them play. It seems as if every year the festival becomes more and more picturesque and substantial with the huge amounts of people, events and bands performing.

Glastonbury Festival 2015 started on Wednesday 24th June and soared into the three-night weekend of highly electric performances by a variety of artists from around the world and from all different genres of music. Full weekend tickets costing around £225 were sold out as of last year. Early this morning people are heading back to society and their work-life raving about this year’s Glastonbury.

Some of the most-talked-about moments during the festival include Florence + The Machine’s adventurous crowd involvement, Kanye West’s performance to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday appearance and speech, Mary J. Blige’s miraculous rain impromptu, Lionel Richie’s expressive reactions, and the last act, The Who, performing their ageless rocking hits

Speaking of The Who, their last performance at Glastonbury was back in 2007 when they closed the festival with their Sunday night performance. The news of The Who in 2007 was a high excitement factor and selling point for the festival. After The Who’s confirmation to close the festival again this year, they became an instant headliner. Unsurprisingly, they continue to grasp the attention of all maturities, as they will not hit an age that will slow them down. As well as having the honour to perform again at Glastonbury, The Who used this performance to celebrate their 50th year of an incredible music career. With loads of energy, they performed some of their greatest hits: Who Are You, The Seeker, Pictures of Lily, and Behind Blue Eyes. The Who couldn’t have been a better selection to end this year’s festival: they represent the great tradition, the great history and the great bands that are involved in the biggest festival in Europe.

the_who_and_spread.jpgFor even more info on The Who, take a look at our book on the iconic band here. Full of amazing photography and tonnes of information on the boys, this is a must own for any fan of classic rock bands. You can also take a peek at the title on Amazon here.   

This post was written by intern Kaiti Porter.

Topics: Rock Icons, The Who

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