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Top 10 | Essential Listens | Green Day - American Idiot

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

Unarguably one of the most successful bands of the past 30 years, Green Day’s 2004 album is one of the most essential listens of the 21st century. A concept album following the central character of St Jimmy, the album charts the rise and fall of the Jesus of Suburbia.

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Top 10 | Essential Listens | Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

After a brief mention of Vampire Weekend in our last entry to our essential listens list, someone questioned why Vampire Weekend hasn’t made the cut. It was an interesting suggestion and the more I thought about it and listened to the album (and their subsequent work) the more sensible an addition to the list it seemed. So without further ado...

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Top 10 | Essential Listens | Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

In the third entry to our essential listens list we have an album created full of intelligent verse, emotional depth and interesting musicality, written by a teenager. After a couple of albums that were somewhat successful but didn’t quite manage to hit the right note, Morrisette’s experimentation on Jagged Little Pill would take the world by storm.

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Scotty Moore | Rock’n’roll Innovator

Posted by Catherine Taylor
A little known legend died on 28 June 2016. Well, not as well known as he should have been, considering his place in the birth of rock guitar as we know and love it. We were honoured back in 2006 to have Scotty Moore (b. 1931) write the foreword to our labour of love, The Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock – an apt beginning to a book that told the complex and many-faceted story of rock.

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Topics: Rock Icons, Rock and Roll History, Rock Guitar, Scotty Moore

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