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Classic Rock Bands: Richard Wright of Pink Floyd

Posted by Catherine Taylor

With Pink Floyd’s first studio album in 20 years set to drop in November, it’s good to look back at the band’s importance in rock and roll history. Richard Wright was a key player in creating most of the band’s releases, even writing and singing lead vocals for some of the tracks. His death in 2008 led everyone to believe that Pink Floyd’s 1994 album, The Division Bell, would be their last, but The Endless River will feature some of Wright’s recordings from as far back as 1969.

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Classic Rock Bands: Pink Floyd & Art

Posted by Matt Knight

From a flying pig above Battersea Power Station to stunning light shows in concert, Pink Floyd have always aimed to impress visually. Passionate about their visual craft as well as their musical reputation, their career has encompassed varying artistic accomplishments from the poignant to the downright bizarre. 

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Topics: Rock Icons, 70s music, 60s music, Pink Floyd

Rock and Roll History: Pink Floyd

Posted by Emma Chafer

Nothing sums up British rock better than the 60s and 70s music legends Pink Floyd. Known for their progressive psychedelic sound, and reinforced by their deeply philosophical lyrics and great live performance style, Pink Floyd went on to be an influential force on many other rock ensembles, both nationally and internationally. With hit albums such as Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967), Atom Heart Mother (1970) and of course Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) Pink Floyd leave little room for manoeuvre when competing for the greatest British rock band of all time!

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Topics: 60s music, Rock and Roll History, Pink Floyd

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