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Classic Rock Bands: Left-Handed Guitarists

Posted by Matt Knight

There are many talented guitarists across the world who soothe our ears with their music, and a surprising number of these famed artists play their music 'left-handed' – i.e. picking and strumming with their left hand. This probably sounds like a huge endeavour for any right-handed player – indeed it's not too long ago that left-handed guitar playing was even heard of – but, little did you know, there are many big-name pioneers for whom playing with their left hand was and is far more natural.

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Topics: Rock Icons, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain

Rock and Roll History: Paul McCartney

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Singer songwriter, composer and instrumentalist. Beatle, 'Sir', and animal rights activist. The numerous occupations and titles of Sir James Paul McCartney leave fans with few reasons to question why Guinness World Records describes the superstar as the 'most successful composer and recording artist of all time'.

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Topics: 60s music, The Beatles, Rock and Roll History

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