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Rock Guitar Heroes: Jimi Hendrix

Posted by Nick Wells

Jimi Hendrix (1942–70) remains the most innovative and influential rock guitarist in the world. He changed the way the guitar was played, transforming its possibilities and its image. Other guitarists had toyed with feedback and distortion but Hendrix turned these and other effects into a controlled, personalized sound that generations of guitarists since have emulated and embellished.

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Topics: Rock Icons, 60s music, Jimi Hendrix

Flame Tree Music: Paco de Lucia: The World's Greatest Guitarist.

Posted by Nick Wells

Image via jornalggn.com

Paco de Lucia, 'the master' to many, passed away yesterday, 26 February 2014. He was a gifted inspiration to many traditions and performed his salsa/jazz flavoured flamenco with immense style and grace. Even more accomplished than Jimi Hendrix, with greater passion than John McLaughlin and an excellence of technique rarely seen Paco de Lucia was probably the greatest guitar playing musician of the modern era. He was featured in our Illustrated Encyclopedia of Guitar Heroes (Flame Tree Publishing, 2008), with a version of the following entry:

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Topics: Flamenco, Paco de Lucia

Flame Tree Music: Chord and Scales Finder

Posted by Nick Wells

With over 8,000 individual sound files Flame Tree Music operates a unique musical experience, online, in print and on the move, for the guitarist, keyboard player and musician.

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Topics: How to Play Piano, How to Play Guitar

Illustrated eBooks: Eminem, Survivor. iPad Ready.

Posted by Nick Wells
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Topics: Pop Music

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