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Illustrated eBooks: Fantasy Art: Warriors & Heroes. iPad Ready

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Fantasy Art, ebook cover and spreads

We've just released a gorgeous digital edition of a brand-new book: Fantasy Art: Warriors & Heroes. 192pp pages of artwork, showcasing amazing paintings from fabulous contemporary artists. It's available on the Apple iBookstore and is designed for the iPad Retina display which shows off the detailed and glorious art. We're very excited to see what you think!

About the eBook

This is an incredible illustrated ebook in the Fantasy Art series, ideal for iPad. Warriors & Heroesby Russ Thorne, with foreword by legendary artist Ken Kellyis a stunning display of incredible, contemporary fantasy artwork, a complement to its bestselling predecessor, Dragon Art. The first section covers 'Masters & Origins' and introduces some of the writers, characters and artists who helped to shape the fantasy world as we know it today – including James Allen St John, Roy G. Krenkel, the Hildebrandt Brothers and of course Frank Frazetta. A fascinating discussion of warriors and fantasy art follows on, running throughout the book, accompanied by a large selection of works by the best of the current crop of fantasy artists, such as Brom, Martin C. Hayes, Alex Horley, Jason Juta, Alan Lathwell, Jason Engle, Lucas Graciano, Adele Lorienne and many more. The majority of the recent work that features in the book was created in digital media, reflecting the use of the most up-to-date methods. Warriors & Heroes is also interspersed with features on artists' works-in-progress, providing invaluable insight on techniques and tools. It is a feast of visual imagination and a must for all fans of fantasy art. Best viewed on an iPad with a retina display: it's a large book but it's worth it!

The Artists

One of the main reasons for this post is to feature links to the excellent contributing artists, as a small thank you for becoming part of this project. So, here they are:

Adele Lorienne:

Alan Lathwell:

Alex Horley:

Bob Kehls:


Bryan Syme:

Chris Kuhlmann:

Cris Ortega:

Daren Bader:

Dan Scott:

Daren Bader:

Daren Horley:

Daryl Mandryk:

Del Borovic:

Derrick Song Weng Foong:

Dusan Marcovic:

Frank Hong:

George Rushing:

Glen Orbik:

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt:


Igor Ivanovic:

Jason Engle:

Jason Juta:

Ji Zhang:

Jonas De Ro:

Kajsa Flinkfeldt:

Ken Kelly:

Kirsi Salonen:


Leslie J. Lee:

Long Ouyang:

Lucas Graciano:


Matthew Stewart:

Michael C. Hayes:

Mikaël Léger:

Mike Penn:

Ming Fan:

Nacho Molina:

Nick Deligaris:

Pablo Ciomei:

Paul Alexandrescu:

Pete Thompson:


Rob Shields:

Sarel Theron:

Sutat Palama:

Tiago da Silva:

Wang Lin Fang:

Xue Duan:

Yu Cheng Hong:

Yu-Han Chen:



Foreword by Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly is a long-established and successful fantasy artist. He’s been drawing since he was knee-high and hasn’t stopped since, getting his break into the industry after showing his work to his Uncle Frank (Frazetta), who got him in touch with Warren Publishing for his first assignment. The power and dynamism of Frank’s style can be felt in Kelly’s work, which covers a wide range of warriors and heroes, including Conan the Barbarian and Tarzan, as well as many album covers for rock bands such as KISS.


  • See what Ken Kelly's up to now – including painting Gene Simmons' basses!

  • The beautiful colour illustrated ebook is available through itunes here.

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