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Creepy Stories: The Eyes Have It by Philip K. Dick

Posted by Nick Wells

It seems incredible that some of Philip K. Dick's fiction is in the public domain. A superlative writer of science fiction and fantasy books Dick gave us so many powerful novels and films (Blade Runner, The Adjustment Bureau, Total Recall) but his first stories are available because their copyright was not renewed.

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Topics: Philip K. Dick, creepy stories, Short Stories, sf fiction

SF Fiction Review: The Man in the High Castle

Posted by Robert Zakes

Philip K. Dick’s (1928–82) wildly manic style of science fiction, reflecting the deeply troubled, drug addicted author, has influenced and informed generation after generation of sci fi writers. Film adaptations of his work seem always to be in production; with great directors including Ridley Scott, Paul Verhoeven and Steven Spielberg as only the most notable to adapt Dick’s novels. One novel which has so far remained untouched by the film industry is his The Man in the High Castle. 

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Topics: Philip K. Dick

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