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Robots & AI | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Last week, in Part 1 of the Robots & Artificial Intelligence Q&A, authors revealed the ideas that spawned their stories in our Robots & Artificial Intelligence anthologyAs with the companion volume Lost Souls (see the Q&As with those authors here and here), the Robots & AI anthology consists of a healthy mix of old and new stories, with formative tales from the genre complementing the work of contemporary authors. Here, some of those newer authors share which Robots & AI stories have influenced them the most, as well as casting light on their various approaches to story composition...

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, robots, Q&A, Interview

Flame Tree Press | September Releases | Q&A with Don D'Auria

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

Don D'Auria, Flame Tree Press's executive editor, is a legend in the horror fiction community. He has been editing horror for the past 25 years, coming to prominence when taking the lead of Leisure Books horror line in the late 90s. Launching authors like Brian Keene and Sarah Pinborough, now household names in the genre, D'Auria also brought authors like Ramsey Campbell to a new generation of readers. Now, with Flame Tree Press, Don D'Auria is once again seeking out fresh and original talent while also bringing award winning writers to new audiences. Don recently spoke to Becky Spratford to discuss where horror was, where it is and where it's going? Check out the interview to learn a little more about Don, Flame Tree Press and horror fiction as a genre!



Don with Megan Hart (Author) at StokerCon 2018

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Lost Souls | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Last week saw authors from our upcoming Lost Souls anthology reveal the inspirations behind their story in the book. The collection, due to make its appearance in the world in the next couple of weeks, complements the selection of new writers with classic masters from the genre such as M.R. James, F. Marion Crawford, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and more. In this second part of the Author Q&A, we asked authors from the anthology to share which existing ‘Lost Souls’ tales they like best, and what sorts of processes they use to produce their own work:

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, lost souls, Q&A, Interview

Time Travel | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

This final instalment in our current Author Q&A series offers a selection of further responses from the Time Travel anthology authors (see their Part 1 answers here). Just as time travel takes many diverse forms in fiction, so too do the answers below, as they tell us their preferred time travelling tales and we find out the various ways that they approach the task of writing. With these authors at the helm, the anthology looks set to be an exciting voyage of the science fiction kind, encompassing modern takes on the genre alongside the political reflection and atmospheric eras afforded by classic time travel narratives by the likes of H.G. Wells, Edward Bellamy, Mark Twain, Edward Page Mitchell and other greats. 

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, Short Stories, Q&A, Interview, time travel

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