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The Goblets Immortal Series | Recap

Posted by Leah Ratcliffe

With the final book in The Goblets Immortal series coming out on the 15th of November, we thought we’d give you a quick recap of the previous two books in the series to get you prepared. Death’s Key is going to be the epic conclusion of this magical trilogy, so make sure you get a copy. If you haven’t yet read The Goblets Immortal or Holes in the Veil, it’s not too late to snag a copy of both and end this blog post here.

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A Dying Planet | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

If you’re searching for reading and writing inspiration during these strange times, then look no further. Authors from our new anthology, A Dying Planet, took part in a Q&A which last week revealed some of the inspirations behind their stories in the book. In this second part of the Q&A you’ll now find some fantastic reading recommendations, as well as an insight into the writing process for any budding authors out there. A Dying Planet – out now in the UK and released this month in the US – contains an exciting mix of modern and classic fiction on a thought-provoking and relevant theme.

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Epic Fantasy | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Available to buy soon, Epic Fantasy and Detective Mysteries join our flourishing range of Gothic Fantasy anthologies. Consisting of both new short stories and much older tales that have helped define the genres, the books contain an exciting mix of contemporary authors alongside the classics. Here to say a little more about their stories in the collection, some of the Epic Fantasy authors tell us below what led them to create the stories that feature in this book!


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Gothic Fantasy | Successful Submissions | Detective Mysteries and Epic Fantasy

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We’re very pleased to announce the author lists for our upcoming short story collections Detective Mysteries and Epic Fantasy, due for publication in November 2019. As the latest in our flourishing series of Gothic Fantasy anthologies, the new books continue to pair contemporary takes on the themes with classic tales that have helped shape the genres as we know them today. We received a great response to our recent call for submissions, and we’re delighted to now share the results of a selection process that has been both tough and rewarding: congratulations to the below and many thanks to all who submitted!


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Short Story Submissions: Detective Mysteries | Epic Fantasy

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We are now open for submissions for two exciting new anthologies: Detective Mysteries and Epic Fantasy. Due to be published in September 2019, these add to our Gothic Fantasy series, which includes existing titles like Supernatural HorrorRobots & Artificial IntelligenceDystopia Utopia, American Gothic and more. Again, we are looking for around twenty to thirty short stories by contemporary writers to complement a selection of classic tales in these anthologies. We are keen to encourage new writers, without prejudice to age, background or previous publication history. It’s the story that matters, and the quality of writing.

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Flame Tree Press | September Releases | Origins and Futures

Posted by Nick Wells

The roots of what we now call genre fiction reach back to the beginnings of civilization where humankind sought to explain the dramatic events of nature through myths and stories. Darkness, the supernatural, tales of the unknown, with creatures emerging from the woods, the sea, the skies, these themes still play on our collective fears, even as technology is close to taking us beyond our solar system we still explore the mysteries of the world on our mobiles, movies, streamed TV and, of course, our books. And at Flame Tree, we love this stuff!


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