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Gothic Fantasy | Bram Stoker Horror Stories

Posted by Laura Bulbeck

Next in our series of blogs delving behind the curtain of our Gothic Fantasy companion titles, we take a look at Bram Stoker Horror Stories. This exciting new collection is due to be published any day now.

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, Bram Stoker

Origins of Gothic Fantasy: Gothic Horror Stories

Posted by Matt Knight

In our first blog of a new mini series, we take a look at the first gothic horror stories. We'll cover the origins, influences, and most significant figures in the genre, casting light into one of the darkest fiction genres out there.

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Topics: frankenstein, Gothic Fantasy, gothic horror, Bram Stoker, Matthew Lewis

Horror Classic: Bram Stoker's Dracula

Posted by Catherine Taylor

While Bram Stoker was not the first to write a novel about vampires, an idea which can be traced all the way back to Mesopotamia, he definitely established the modern concept of vampires with his novel Dracula.

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Topics: vampires, gothic horror, Bram Stoker

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