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Lost Souls | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Last week saw authors from our upcoming Lost Souls anthology reveal the inspirations behind their story in the book. The collection, due to make its appearance in the world in the next couple of weeks, complements the selection of new writers with classic masters from the genre such as M.R. James, F. Marion Crawford, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and more. In this second part of the Author Q&A, we asked authors from the anthology to share which existing ‘Lost Souls’ tales they like best, and what sorts of processes they use to produce their own work:

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, lost souls, Q&A, Interview

Lost Souls | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

Joining the ranks of our Gothic Fantasy short fiction anthologies, two exciting new books will be published in September: Lost Souls, and Robots & Artificial Intelligence. In anticipation and celebration of these upcoming releases, we asked the featured authors to tell us a little more about their story, their approach to writing, and the tales from the genre that have affected them the most. In this first part of the Q&As, authors from the Lost Souls volume share what led to the creation of their haunting stories...

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, lost souls, Q&A, Author Interview

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Lost Souls; Robots & Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We are delighted to present the authors featured in our upcoming Lost Souls and Robots & Artificial Intelligence anthologies, the latest books in the series of Gothic Fantasy short story collections. Once again, our call for submissions was met with a good response: with over 1200 stories to read, and only around 3% of those chosen for publication in the anthologies, it has been tough to narrow down the final selection. Nevertheless, we’re excited about the final results, due for publication this September. In the usual mix of classic and new fiction, Lost Souls hosts an array of restless, drifting or trapped spirits searching for connection and existence in this plane, or another. And, presenting lost souls of its own kind, Robots & Artificial Intelligence delves into the world of advanced technology, with tales that cast light (and doubt) on what it means to be human in realities and futures not so different from our own.

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, submissions, gothic, robots, lost souls

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