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Gothic Dreams: Cthulhu

Posted by Matt Knight

gothic dreams, cthulhu, gothic artThe stars have aligned, oceans have parted; and now Cthulhu no longer dreaming lies dreaming in the depths, but is here. We're incredibly proud of our amazing illustrated title, now available in hardback print and also digitally via the iBookstore. The powerful and terrifying images of Cthulhu look astonishing on the iPad, each colour popping because of the device's high-res screen. These illustrations also look incredible in our print book; we've used high-quality, glossy paper, so that each image stands centre stage in all its glory.

About the Book

The monstrous sea god Cthulhu was born from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft, considered the master of creepy stories and weird horror fiction. First brought to life as part of his short story 'The Call of Cthulhu', published in the magazine Weird Tales, and later featuring in several of Lovecraft's works, Cthulhu is an iconic figure that has inspired imagination and terrified generations. It's name has come to define the whole mythos built up around Lovecraft's strange worlds and pantheon of monsters that inspire many writers to this day. Our book delves into how this monster from the deep has inspired not only fiction, but also movies, games and of course fantasy art. 

Cthulhu Artists

As a book like this really succeeds because of the quality of its images, we're proud to represent a range of artists who have contributed to this title. Despite differences in style and the way they work, it's easy to see how the minds of these talented artists have been ensnared by the idea of the ancient and malevolent power that is Cthulhu. See below a full list of the artists featured in Cthulhu and a link to their respective portfolios. 

A special thanks to the artists who contributed their amazing artwork to the book. 

Barret Chapman mrbchaps.blogspot.co.uk

David Hartman www.sideshowmonkey.com

Claire Beard www.clairebeardart.com

Eddie Sharam www.eddiesharam.co.uk

Dino Tomic www.atomiccircus-tattoo.com

Kostja Schleger odinoir.deviantart.com

Bryan Reagan fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-bryan-reagan.html

Rafal Badan obrotowy.deviantart.com

Cloud Quinot nocturnalcloud.daportfolio.com

Gwabryel gwabryel.blogspot.co.uk

RJ Palmer rj-palmer.com

Alex Ruiz www.conceptmonster.net

John Dotegoweski johndotegowski.deviantart.com

Manthos Lappas mlappas.deviantart.com

Justin Fairfield methuselah3000.deviantart.com

Peter Siedl www.petersiedl.com

Steve Hamilton balance-sheet.deviantart.com

Borja Pindado borjapindado.daportfolio.com

Cyril van der Haegen www.cyrilvdh.com

Arco den Haan arcosart.deviantart.com 

Carrie Hanscom www.elfwood.com/~carrie

Keith Talbot ktalbot.deviantart.com

Sady M. Izé samize.blogspot.co.uk

Maria Sweeney society6.com/MariaSweeney

Mitchell Nolte mitchellnolte.deviantart.com

Kari Christensen karichristensen.com

Diego Simone www.diegosimone.com.ar/index.html

Sareena von Shinnok sareenavonshinnok.deviantart.com

Douglas Sirois www.dougsirois.com

Abigail Larson www.abigaillarson.com

Alvaro Nebot blewzenart.blogspot.co.uk

Łukasz Pakuła sammael89.deviantart.com

Jason Juta www.jasonjuta.com

Dave Oliver dloliver.deviantart.com

Eric Ridgeway emortal982.deviantart.com

Ellena Korth www.ellustrations.de

Misael Barbosa www.misaelbarbosa.com

Daniel Kamarudin thedurrrrian.deviantart.com

Dan Harding www.danhardingart.com

Wes Jones hwango.deviantart.com

Rick Sardinha ricksardinha.com 



Foreword by John Harlacher

John Harlacher is the publisher and creative director of Weird Tales magazine, the world’s oldest magazine of dark and strange fantasy. Founded in 1923, Weird Tales introduced the world to writers like H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu), and Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian), and artists like Virgil Finlay and Margaret Brundage (The queen of gothic fetishism).

You can have a look at the book on Amazon by clicking here, or on the iBook store by clicking here.


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