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Posted by Molly Rosevear

We have a very exciting title coming out in April and we wanted to talk about it! The Nirvana Effect is the upcoming sci-fi novel by Brian Pinkerton, author of The Gemini Experiment. Find out all about it here:

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The Nirvana Effect by Brian Pinkerton

3D format combo Nirvana Effect“Fans of stories centered on the conflict between the virtual and the real will find plenty to enjoy.” — Publishers Weekly

No one goes out anymore.

Society is sheltered indoors. The economy is in ruins. People spend their lives addicted to a breakthrough virtual reality technology, desperate for escapism in a troubled world. The Nirvana Effect has taken over.

Aaron and Clarissa are members of a subculture of realists who resist the lure of a fake utopia. They watch in horror as the technology spreads across the country with willing participants who easily forgo their freedoms for false pleasures. When the young couple discovers a plot to enforce compliance for mind control, the battle for free will begins. What started as a playful diversion turns deadly. The future of the human race is at stake.


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