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Gothic Fantasy | Successful Submissions | African Ghost Short Stories

Posted by Catherine Taylor

We’re very excited to announce the authors included in our upcoming anthology: African Ghost Short Stories! Earlier this year, we opened for submissions from writers across Africa and the African diaspora, in order to add contemporary voices to the rich seam of the supernatural that exists in African culture, folklore and storytelling. The book, due to be published in mid-April (UK) and mid-May 2024 (North America), combines new submissions, complemented by selected contemporary and modern stories, along with classic writing and folktales, exploring the many facets of African ghostliness and spirituality. With a foreword by award-winning Nigerian-British writer Nuzo Onoh, the 'Queen of Horror', a thoughtful introduction by Prof. Divine Che Neba, and invaluable editorial support from writer and editor Chinelo Onwualu, this latest offering in the Flame Tree Gothic fantasy series delves into the fascinating heritage of African ghostly lore. We’re delighted to have chosen the submissions and contemporary stories below for inclusion: 

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Eyo Adimu by Oluwaseyi Adebola
When Shadows Hunt by Fikayọmi Adeniyi
True Yarn by Michael Agugom
Swimming with Daddy by Eugen Bacon
A Sly Ogre Is Outwitted by a Woman by Florence Adongo Bull
Sasabonsam by Tara Campbell
Gathering of the Five by Rutendo Chichaya
When Rain Clouds Gather by Rutendo Chidzodzo
Haunting Justice by Mwenya S. Chikwa
You by Bekwele Chuku 
Sundown by Melody Cooper
The Person in the Metal by Dilman Dila
Peeny-Wally by Carol B. Duncan
My Mother’s Love by Naomi Eselojor
Goat’s Feet by Stanley Gazemba
Vessels and Warnings by Gabrielle Emem Harry
Words Go Out and They Return by Gabrielle Emem Harry
Mykonos in Congealed Blood by MaryAnn Ifeanacho
The Ghosts of the Manhole at Enem Junction by Achalugo Chioma Ilozumba
Child of Buzo by Achalugo Chioma Ilozumba
Expunging Urban Legends: A Beginner’s Guide to Retelling Urban Myths by Amanda Ilozumba 
Come Play with Us by Lucky Grace Isingizwe
Still My Vision by Osahon Ize-Iyamu 
Sacred Dead by B.T. Karuma
Mount Nyanga by Kay Mabasa
The Activist by Christopher Mlalazi
Fourteen by Keletso Mopai
Riding Hood by Tariro Ndoro
Imonina by Uchechukwu Nwaka
Other Planes by Ebere Obua
Baby Bones by Eugene Odogwu
My Father's Head by Okwiri Oduor
The Legend of the 37 Bats by Ivana Akotowaa Ofori
The Goatkeeper’s Harvest by Tobi Ogundiran
The Haunting of 13 Olúwo Street by Suyi Davies Okungbowa
A Blanket of Roaches by Makena Onjerika
The Sixth Stage of Grief by Hannah Onoguwe
Sisters of Witching by Ephraim N. Orji
Our Bones Were the Mortar by Anjali Patel
Uncle Bobo by Peter K. Rothe
The Beads of Ku by Nisi Shawl
Of Mother's Death by Makhosi Sthembi
Who Will Clean Our Spirits When We're Gone? by Tlotlo Tsamaase
How to Get Away with Living by Chisom Umeh
The Banyan Tree by Franka Zeph

These successful submissions and selections from contemporary authors will appear alongside extracts of classic works by the influential authors Amos Tutuola and Thomas Mofolo, as well as folktales from around Africa. 


This book will be available to buy in Spring 2024 via book stores, Amazon, and our website page for African Ghost Short Stories!

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