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Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We are delighted to present the list of authors in our Alternate History book! Featuring classic stories on the theme with new and recent work by modern authors, this is an exciting anthology exploring reimagined histories and ‘What If?’ scenarios. Alongside our regular submission process, we teamed up with both the award-winning online magazine DESIblitz and Danni Blechner of Conscious Dreams Publishing, reaching out for stories and authors beyond our usual channels to ensure a wonderful variety of all the genre has to offer. We’re very pleased with the results, and our congratulations go to the below:

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What Can a Woman Do? by Essa Bah

The Syllabus by Rebecca Buchanan

The Bondage Tribe by Monica Butler

Herd Mentality by Jay Caselberg

The Savior of Worlds by Jonathan Davidson

The Sixth-Gun Conspiracy Letters by Evan A. Davis

Tippecanoe by C.R. Hobson

The Untold Story of History's First Flight by Richard Kigel

The Leviathan and the Fury by Andrea Kriz

The Husband of Henry VIII by Adam Lawson

A Journey to the New World by Kwame M.A. McPherson

Where in Time and Space is Mark Twain? by Eve Morton

First of October by Chiamaka Muoneke

Earthquake Weather by Maureen O'Leary

Regent by Jennifer R. Povey

The Intervention by Guy Prevost

The Last Tsar by Matias F. Travieso-Diaz

I Will Not Be by Rebecca E. Treasure

Opening England by DJ Tyrer

Mary, Quite Contrary by Iris Whelan

Men of Their Time by Cameron Wise-Maas

Carrots for Nine by Alex Woodroe

Winifred by James Young

Butterfly Burning by Elizabeth Zuckerman


These modern authors will appear alongside work by the following classic writers:

Joseph Edgar Chamberlin, Erskine Childers, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Castello Holford, Vylar Kaftan, Livy, H.G. Wells, John Wyndham.


This book will be available to buy early next year via book stores, Amazon, and our website page for Alternate History Short Stories!




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