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Gothic Fantasy | Successful Submissions | Spirits & Ghouls

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We’re delighted to present the author list for our next anthology, Spirits & Ghouls Short Stories! This latest addition to our growing series of Gothic Fantasy hardback books publishes later this year: July 2023 in the UK, September in USA/Canada. The new book gathers together classic fiction on the theme as well as exciting stories by modern authors. We received hundreds of submissions in response to our call, so our thanks once again go to everyone who sent their work to us for consideration. And many congratulations to the below:


The Mother of Sands by Stewart C. Baker

The Widow Watcher of Wooten Creek by Rebecca Brothers

Holding the Light by Ramsey Campbell

They Come at Night by Georgia Cook

Once Upon a Graveyard by Gina Easton

The Devil of Avalon by Bruce Golden

In Bleak December by Caye Gowyn

The Smoke Market by John Linwood Grant

Nine Rings of Silver and One of Bronze by Rayne Hall

Two Trees by Vanessa C. Hawkins

Atticat by Jennifer Hudak

Apartment 3G by Brianna Ishii-McFaull

What Have You Brought Me? by Dylan Kingsley

Shrieking Willow by Amanda Cecelia Lang

The Shabah by Fiona Lehn

Only Monsters by Samuel Marzioli

The Jumper by S.R. Masters

Afterlife on Mars by Bret Nelson

You Can Never Go Home Again by Lena Ng

Words for the Dead by Sam W. Pisciotta

Tangled Tales of Jumbies and Silk Cotton Trees by Josephine Queen

Oh Bury Me Not by Erica Ruppert

Xarus’s Mirror by C.R. Serajeddini

Three Years by Evelyn Teng

Ghost Festival in the Desert by Wen Wen Yang


These modern authors will appear alongside work by the following classic writers:

Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Amelia B. Edwards, Elizabeth Gaskell, M.R. James, Andrew Lang, Sheridan Le Fanu, H.P. Lovecraft, Charlotte Riddell, and a story from The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night.


This book will be available to buy later this year via book stores, Amazon, and our website page for Spirits & Ghouls Short Stories!

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