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Myths, Gods & Immortals | Contents Announcement | Odin

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We’re very excited to reveal the list of stories in our new book Odin! One of the first two titles in our Myths, Gods and Immortals series, Odin includes a foreword by Carolyne Larrington, an introductory essay by Charlie Shotton exploring the cultural and mythological roots of Odin, and 17 fantastic tales by modern authors selected from open submissions. The book publishes in September 2024 and is available in North America from October 2024. Many thanks to everyone who submitted stories for consideration on this theme, and huge congratulations to the below!



The Lord of Magic by K.S. Barton

The Raven Dance by Chris A. Bolton

Nachtravnen by Charlotte Bond

The Algorithm and the Spark by Gemma Church

Deathswindler, Warbringer by Malina Douglas

Cast Down by Stephanie Ellis

The Door by Sebastian Gray

The Masochist’s Hammer by Derek Heath

The Raven and the Key by Justin R. Hopper

On the Island of Samsey by Eric Kenron

The Chains that Bind by Brandon Ketchum

St. George and the World Serpent by Stephen Kotowych

Odin in the Land of Fire and Ice by Andy McLarnon

The Skinchanger by Parker M. O’Neill

Einherjar by John Possidente

Wesley Glen by Chris Shearer

The Last Ride by Douglas Smith


About the Series

Discover the mythology of humankind through its heroes, characters, gods and immortal figures. Myths, Gods and Immortals brings together the new and the ancient, familiar stories with a fresh and imaginative twist. Each book brings back to life a legendary, mythological or folkloric figure, with completely new stories alongside the original tales and a 30,000-word essay which emphasises ancient and modern connections, tracing history and stories across continents, cultures and peoples. New and emerging writers from open submissions reveal hidden themes, casting fresh perspectives on well-known stories, alongside the specially commissioned story of the origins and the cultural background from the era. The first titles are Medusa, Odin, Anansi and Circe.


This book will be available to buy later in 2024 via book stores, Amazon, and our website page for Odin!

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