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New Mythologies in Space Flash Fiction | Call for Submissions

Posted by Leah Ratcliffe



Artwork is an extract of Moon, © Broci 2024 broci.net

Flame Tree Fiction are excited to announce that after the success of previous years, we will be printing another A5 fiction newsletter with 10 science fiction flash fiction stories of 1,000 words as a special edition for WorldCon 2024, 8th-12th August in Glasgow, which will be alongside our usual monthly newsletter.

We have the new addition of a guest editor and beautiful cover art for this one-of-a-kind newsletter.

The programme will include the chosen stories and the author’s bio, where it is read by hundreds of writers in the UK Science Fiction Community. It’s a fantastic, paid opportunity for authors! Please note that the monthly newsletter will run as usual.

The theme is…

New Mythologies in Space

Dark matter, black holes, white dwarfs, red suns and vast vistas of star-forming clouds create the backdrop to this new theme, for a special print edition of the Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter, to be distributed to the good folk of WorldCon24 in Glasgow.
We're now calling for submissions that reflect the immensity of the universe, where observation of phenomenon brings new speculation, visions of creation highlight different understandings of origin. Do other species see the universe as we do? If so, do they have their own mythologies? Do time-travelling entities have alternative or parallel forms of myth, do space-travelling beings expand their pantheons, or does space exploration itself reduce the mysteries of mythology to dust? Guest editor Allen Stroud joins our regular editor Leah, in a special edition featuring a stunning cover by Broci.
PS. You don't have to attend WorldCon to submit! The usual SFWA rates apply. The print edition will be 32 pages, A5 sized, featuring 10 stories of approx. 1000 words each.
Allen Stroud is a novelist, composer, university lecturer and researcher. His Ph.D. was 'An Investigation and Application of Writing Structures and World Development Techniques in Science Fiction and Fantasy'. He has worked in computer games, role playing games and written novels, short stories and scripts. He currently runs the Creative Futures research project with the Defence Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL). His new book Vigilance completes the trilogy started with Fearless which Publishers Weekly said "The depths of outer space test the strength of a dynamic heroine’s inner resolve in Stroud’s smart, introspective space opera."
Broci is a Finnish comic artist and illustrator. Broci's work is inspired by mythologies, horror stories, comics and manga, metal and witch house music, movies and fashion design. Broci has published a webcomic called Bad Friday since 2014. Their short comic stories ‘Omnipresence‘ are also featured in anthology about mental health called Rikki-project zine, and 2016 saw their first full graphic novel Varpaat(Pale Toes, Haamu Kustannus, 2016) based on Marko Hautala's novel 'The White Toes'. Broci has illustrated a number of book covers for Flame Tree Press. See more at broci.net.



  • Please note that all stories submitted should be within the Science Fiction genre
  • Terms and conditions for the submissions here - https://flametr.com/submissions
  • Please send your 1000-word story to the Newsletter Editor:
    Leah Ratcliffe
  • The deadline is the 19th June 2024

We look forward to reading your submissions. Happy writing!


Topics: short fiction, Call For Submissions

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