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Top 10 Flame Tree Calendars | New Calendars and Diaries | Angie Lewin and Others

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

We produce a varied range of beautiful calendars featuring all kinds of artworks – from contemporary Steampunk pieces to Tove Jansson's (1914–2001) Moomin illustrations and the paintings of L.S. Lowry (1887–1976). Each year we try to expand on our selection to make it even better, so here’s a rundown of our new calendars and diaries for 2017.

9781783618019.jpgSecret Places: Adventures in Ink and Imagination

From vibrant butterflies to elegant roses, and from bustling leaves to exotic birds, this calendar presents 12 intricate designs ready to be brought to life with the colours of your choice. With a variety of both close-knit patterns and more sweeping, open designs, each month becomes an art project, where you can create your own unique world of colour and calm. The floral and geometric motifs, in all their swirling and symmetrical splendour, offer refuge from the tumult of modern life, and present an absorbing and invigorating alternate reality. 

9781783617975.jpgMindfulness & Calm: Adventures in Ink and Imagination

Peeking through the sprigs and foliage reveals a haven of quiet tranquility in this colouring calendar, which features an array of birds, fruits, leaves, flowers, butterflies and more. A short inspirational phrase accompanies each pattern, leaving the worlds they present ready for you to inhabit at your leisure. Such detailed environments, here alive with possibility, promise a deeper focus of attention and with it those precious sought-after moments of calm.


9781783619276.jpgDancing Girls

Dancers during the 1920s embodied an era of glamour and entertainment, of exciting new choreography and changing attitudes. This essence is captured in this selection of vintage photos, with accompanying captions that provide information on the revolutionary dance styles that emerged during this time, as well as the transforming cultural and social trends of the period. Bursting with energy, the girls here display impressive acrobatics and an assortment of fabulous costumes. This calendar is a glorious celebration of the ‘20s dance fashions that gripped the world, and all the exuberance of spirit that came with them. 

9781783617869-1.jpgAngie Lewin

Printmaker, painter and designer Angie Lewin excels at depicting the vitality of plants. Taking her inspiration from regions rich in plant-life, especially among the Scottish highlands and the north Norfolk coastline, Lewin conveys the vivid energy of native flora, taking delicate care to retain the character of each plant. Wild flowers, seedheads, grasses and teasels abound in this 12-month calendar, and are given the spotlight in all their varying textures, shapes and patterns. A horticulturist’s dream, this calendar offers a close-up view on the wild beauty of the natural world.

9781783617852.jpgEden Project – Birds Native and Exotic 

The Eden Project, an educational charity based in Cornwall, is dedicated to encouraging people to engage and connect with the natural world. This beautiful calendar features 12 bird species from all over the globe, many of which can be found thriving in the specially designed biomes at the Eden Project. The delicate illustrations are simple yet captivating, and are complemented each month with information on the habitats and behaviours of the birds shown. From the woodpecker to the double-collared sunbird, the images here possess a charming quality, making this calendar the perfect gift for all lovers of birds.

9781783617715.jpgNational Maritime Museum – Tall Ships

The contemporary maritime photographer Richard Sibley has always been passionate about tall ships and traditional sailing boats, so much so that he has followed European tall ship racing for 10 years. This calendar features some of his impressive photography taken at tall ships races and expeditions. The hugely anticipated Tall Ships Regatta will start from Greenwich in April 2017 and this calendar is the perfect accompaniment. It includes insightful captions for each month with information from Richard himself about the ships.

9781783617623.jpgBritish Library Book Covers

Showcasing more than 50 book covers from the extensive British Library collections, this calendar is a true homage to classic book cover design and some of the best books of all time. Featuring the classic covers of many loved children's books, including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, The Railway Children and The Wind in the Willows. Also featured are works from Charles Dickens (1812–70), Mary Shelley (1797–1851), Jules Verne (1828–1905) and many more.


9781783617340.jpgImperial War Museum – Eric Ravilious War Artist 

Eric Ravilious (1903–42) was a full-time war artist during the Second World War and was given the rank of Honorary Captain in the Royal Marines. This calendar is a collection of his distinctive watercolour paintings inspired by his experiences during the war. Ravilious looked for subjects that would complement his artistic style and interest – his depictions of submarines, ships in dock, spitfires and many other everyday war scenes are beautifully displayed in this calendar created with the Imperial War Museum.


9781783617654.jpgColour Your Own Jacqueline Wilson 

Jacqueline Wilson is perhaps best known for her Tracey Beaker series, which started in 1991 with the publication of The Story of Tracey Beaker. Since then Jacqueline has gone on to publish countless books, alongside the illustrator Nick Sharratt and is now one of the nation's favourite authors. This calendar showcases Nick's fantastic illustrations of Jacqueline's characters that are perfect for colouring in.


9781783618767.jpgBodleian Libraries – Shakespeare's Insults desk diary

The poet, writer, playwright and actor William Shakespeare (1564–1616) is known across the globe and is often considered the greatest writer in the English Language. As well as his beautiful poetry he also came up with some of the best, funniest, cleverest insults that are scattered throughout his plays, for times when a pithy put down is needed. This diary showcases the best of these, alongside Shakespearian imagery, including illustrations of London, characters from the plays and Shakespeare's will.




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