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The Best Art Exhibitions in England (and one in the U.S.A.) | What's On in London

Posted by Matt Knight

As proud suppliers of products to several London art galleries, we like to stay on top of what is going on around the country. As we inch toward the start of the new school term, there's still time to get out and see some incredible art. Perhaps you'll see something in this list to spur you on to an artistic outing.

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Topics: street art, Arts and Crafts, pre-raphaelites, William Morris

The Arts & Crafts Movement and Key Players | Masterpieces of Art

Posted by Matt Knight

One of the most wide-reaching and influential art movements of the 20th century, the Arts and Crafts movement has had a significant impact on how we perceive design. 

Founded in 1880, the movement brought together like-minded creators from around the world. This resulted in a wide array of works within the movement, whilst their individual aesthetics could vary wildly. 

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Topics: Arts and Crafts, Masterpieces of Art, William Morris

What's On at the Victoria and Albert Museum | Art Calendars

Posted by Matt Knight

With the tagline 'the world's greatest museum of art and design', the Victoria and Albert Museum (better known as the V&A) certainly creates high expectations and promises a lot, and it sure does deliver. Currently, there are over two thousand years of art in almost every medium in the museum's collections, from a multitude of places all over the globe. The contrast between walking through the grand archway that is the main entrance into the museum and the humongous, abstract Dale Chihuly chandelier hanging over the information desk in the lobby wonderfully illustrates just how much the V&A holds. While their special temporary exhibitions are very much worth seeing, it's a must-do to go and see the vast array of art the V&A has on permanent display. Here are just a selection of the movements and artists that the museum covers…

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Topics: Museums & Galleries, Art Deco, Art Calendars, William Morris

Art of Fine Gifts: The Inspirational William Morris

Posted by Catherine Taylor

On Thursday, a new exhibition on visionary artist, craftsman and activist William Morris opens at the National Portrait Gallery. It is exciting for its angle – rather than focus purely on the work for which he is probably best known (his understandably popular and beautiful wallpaper and textile designs), it will take a thoughtful look at his life, ideas and legacy, 'through portraits, personal items and fascinating objects'. It will explore his passionate belief in the democracy and availability of beauty – an 'art for the people' – alongside the work of his contemporaries (Rossetti, Burne-Jones) and those he inspired for decades to come (from courageously openly gay philosopher Edward Carpenter, and sculptor and typeface designer Eric Gill, to the artists of the 1951 Festival of Britain and post-war designers such as Terence Conran).

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Topics: medieval art, William Morris

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