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Top 10 Flame Tree Calendars | Gothic & Fantasy Art | Josephine Wall and Others

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Our gothic and fantasy art calendars are always exciting. There’s something for everyone, from enchanting fairies to awesome steampunk, with informative text or poetry alongside each piece – so you can learn a little every month too! Here’s a rundown of 10 of our best 2017 wall calendars featuring art both magical and fantastical.

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Four Fantastic Fairy Art Pictures | Art of Fine Gifts

Posted by Matt Knight

As winter chills the air and sheds leaves from the trees, rural settings takes on a new look before the advent of Spring. Yet they are no less intriguing for this change; in fact winter can heighten our sense of fantasy and magical occurrences through the longer stretches of night-time. We see this in the work of fantasy artists who embrace the colder seasons and use them as inspiration for compelling images of fairies and fables. Today we take a look at a handful of images inspired by end of year weather changes. Perhaps they'll even motivate you to render some art of your own. 

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