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Tiffany and his Travels | Art of Fine Gifts

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

The American artist, visionary and businessman Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) is most known for his beautifully crafted selection of windows, lamps and decorative objects, in which rich colours suffuse intricate glass designs. Born into a wealthy family – his father owned the successful jewellery company Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany was determined to be a painter and to see the world. He described his work as the ‘pursuit of beauty’, and it would seem he pursued this intention around the world – he was an eager traveller, soaking up the artistic ideas he discovered in other countries and using them to play with colours and textures in his own work, employing revolutionary techniques in glass-making.

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Four Stories About Four Master Artists That You Might Not Know | Masterpieces of Art

Posted by Matt Knight

Often when we think of artists, we think of their major works. But aside from the impact they may have had on the art world, how much do we really know about these important figures? Today’s blog take a quick tour of four master artists, recounting a few interesting details from their early lives that you might not have know… 

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Tiffany's Beautiful Stained Glass | Art of Fine Gifts

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Although Louis Comfort Tiffany worked with many other materials, he is mainly remembered for his amazing stained glass work. He was so passionate about working with glass that he even created new methods of glass manufacturing, which became integral parts of his masterpieces of art, and allowed him to showcase his work all over the world.

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Art Nouveau Artists: Louis Comfort Tiffany

Posted by Chris Herbert

Art Nouveau artist Louis Comfort Tiffany was highly skilled in jewellery design, ceramics, enamels, and metalwork but he is best known for his beautiful stained-glass designs. Using opalescent glass in a variety of colours and textures, he created a stunning range of jewel-like Art Nouveau works.

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