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Call for Submissions to How to Paint Book

Posted by Catherine Taylor

9781786641960.jpgHave you recorded the process of your artwork? Show others how it's done! Get your work shown in How to Paint Made Easy, a new book we're working on that will provide advice, tips and inspiration to the budding artist.

Like previous books we've done (check out How to Draw Manga Made Easy and Drawing Basics Made Easy, as well as Dragon Art, Gothic Art and Fantasy Art), we want an exciting and fresh range of artwork, which is why we're putting this call out.


We aim to provide examples and case studies in all media: acrylic, watercolour, oil and digital; and a range of modern subjects in the key areas of still life, portraits, figures and landscape: from rollerblades and sugar skulls to gritty cityscapes and Manga-style figures, alongside vibrant, realistic portraits.

We need step-by-steps/stages as well as the finished piece – up to 8 steps, but it can be as few as an initial sketch and a mid-way point, each with a short description of what you did at each stage (no more than 40 words per step).

Or instead of finished projects you could send in your own examples of technique – colour mixing, texture, layering, washes, mixed media; composition, perspective; light, shade, movement.


Tech Spec & Rights

Photos need to be at a resolution of 300dpi at ideally 20cm high (but they will probably work smaller, as most of the time they will only be shown at half that size).

Work will be used on a non-exclusive basis, will be fully credited to the artist and the artist will of course retain their copyright to their work. A license agreement is also put in place to secure the artists' rights.

We will offer a small fee per project (payable on publication), as well as a free copy of the published book.

If you’re interested, email us: cat@flametreepublishing.com. First come first served, but we may still accept submissions into December 2016.


Dragon Art-1.jpg

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