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Top 10 Flame Tree Calendars | Gothic & Fantasy Art | Josephine Wall and Others

Posted by Catherine Taylor

Our gothic and fantasy art calendars are always exciting. There’s something for everyone, from enchanting fairies to awesome steampunk, with informative text or poetry alongside each piece – so you can learn a little every month too! Here’s a rundown of 10 of our best 2017 wall calendars featuring art both magical and fantastical.


Take a journey through moonlit meadows and enchanted forests where fairies gather to celebrate nature’s beauty, where stories are told and stardust is scattered. Jean & Ron Henry’s charming illustrations never cease to capture the imagination. With a glittered cover and delightful poetry to accompany each artwork, this calendar offers the viewer a truly magical experience.


9781783617555.jpgCelestial Journeys by Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall lives and breathes art, and this is evident in her paintings, which vibrate with kaleidoscopic colour. All manner of characters and worlds are brought to vivid life, from fairies and wizards to goddesses, angels and nature spirits, inspired by myth, legend and pure imagination. Whether it is the resplendent and intricate Moonlit Awakening or the verdant romance of The Dryad and the Tree Spirit – all exist on another plane, making her art truly celestial.


9781783617883.jpgThe Art of Big O

During the ’60s and ’70s, The Big O poster, calendar, card and book publishing company produced some of the most amazing fantasy and cover art of the twentieth century, fostering the talent of such greats as ‘Alien’ artist H.R. Giger, fantasy masters Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews, iconic album cover artist Terry Pastor, visionary dreamer Robert Venosa and science fiction virtuoso Jim Burns. The extraordinary imagination of these artists and more is represented here.


9781783617906.jpgRodney Matthews

A legend of sci-fi and fantasy illustration, Rodney Matthews’ distinctive art conjures up a gripping world of dragons, sorcerers and fearsome adversaries, and over the last 40 years has featured worldwide on album covers, books, posters, calendars, video games and TV. This calendar presents a captivating selection of his work, with beautifully drawn and glowing scenes including the wondrous Twelve Towers at Dawn and the evocative Ilian of Garathorm.


9781783617890.jpgWayne Anderson

A creator of darkly mesmerising and award-winning fantastical book illustrations for over 40 years, Wayne Anderson has a unique and compelling vision. His exaggerated and inventive characters, combined with superb draughtsmanship and colouring are quite something to behold. Whether it is his unconventional faerys in Dr Growser Sulked or curious creatures such as in Megalump Stomped Off, you will be transfixed by this calendar.


9781783617913.jpgMichael Fishel

The art of Michael Fishel has graced books, posters, prints and jigsaw puzzles. It is not hard to see why they work so well on the latter, as they can be mind-bogglingly detailed and intricate – there is always something new to discover on each viewing. Let yourself be transported to his lush and vibrant lands where mermaids swim and dragons fly, where sunlight shafts down among the leaves. From Fantastic Journey to Magic Kingdom, this calendar will mesmerise you every month.


9781783617845.jpgA Gothic Fantasy

The fine art photography of Viona ielegems brings to life a dark gothic and romantic aesthetic with broad appeal. Tapping into our yearning for drama, mystery and the sublime, by fusing impressive costume design and evocative settings, she expertly crafts images that ooze dark beauty and drip with imagination, whose titles (Mother of Vampires to First Frost of Winter) and enigmatic protagonists suggest a deeper narrative and invite you into a magical world.



A subculture finding its way more and more into the mainstream, steampunk is the ultimate merging of past, future and fantasy, taking the cogs-and-rivets machine aesthetic of steam-powered Victoriana and plugging it into a high-tech world populated by fearless heroes and heroines decked in goggles and corsets. From clockwork insects and mechanical angel wings to space-age double-barrelled rifles, this calendar will really fire the imagination.



The humanoid, octopus-faced, part dragon-winged mythical sea monster created by H.P. Lovecraft has inspired and terrified readers, writers and artists since he first appeared in Weird Tales in 1928. The malevolent cosmic deity has cropped up often in popular culture as he continues to capture imaginations, and this calendar celebrates the varied forms he can take when interpreted by today’s diverse artists such as Peter Siedl, Dan Harding and Cloud Quinot.


9781783617739.jpgZombie Art

You gotta love a zombie. Just when you thought you couldn’t take another crazed, lumbering, bloodthirsty corpse, 12 more show up to draw you into their terrifying world. Through books, film and TV, the zombie continues to grab our attention, whether as perfect metaphor for society, post-apocalyptic speculation or simply as the ultimate in creepy thrills and morbid fascination. This gruesome calendar presents a range of undead visions from contemporary artists.



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