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Top 10 Flame Tree Calendars | Illustrations | Rupert Bear and Others

Posted by Laura Bulbeck

Intricate, beautiful, detailed, charming and nostalgic – this selection of illustrated 2017 calendars are a delight to behold. From beloved children’s characters like Miffy and Elmer or the nostalgia of Rupert Bear and the Moomins, to the wonderful Art Deco fashion drawings from the Courtauld Gallery’s collection, there’s something for everyone.

9781783618491.jpgElmer family organiser

Elmer the patchwork elephant is a larger than life children’s character from David McKee’s extremely successful series of books. In this charming calendar, follow Elmer and his friends on their many adventures – racing through the jungle, heading out to sea or frolicking in the snow – with images taken directly from the picture books. With five columns on the datepad, each for a different member of the family, this calendar is perfect for keeping the whole house organized!



9781783618484.jpgMiffy wall calendar

Little rabbit Miffy was created by illustrator Dick Bruna in the 1950s. Since then she has appeared in around 30 books as well as being adapted for television. Bruna’s basic, graphic illustration style and his use of only a small range of colours is very distinctive and adds a certain bold, bright charm to his drawings. In this fantastic calendar, featuring 12 of Bruna’s beloved illustrations, join Miffy throughout the year as she cycles, sledges, flies and plays!



9781783617722.jpgThe Courtauld Gallery wall calendar

This glamorous calendar is filled with Art Deco fashion illustrations taken from magazines of the 1910s–20s. During the 1920s, there was an increased
 interest in fashion and style and the range of magazines that emerged to satisfy this made the latest Paris fashions accessible to everyone. One such magazine – the Gazette du Bon Ton – aimed to establish fashion as art, claiming that ‘the clothing of a woman is a pleasure for the eye that cannot be judged inferior to the other arts.’ This calendar proves this to be undoubtedly true with its 12 elegant drawings.


9781783617562.jpgArt Deco Fairytales wall calendar

Kay Nielsen (1886–1957) was a Danish illustrator who came to prominence for his strong and evocative work during the golden age of illustration, which flourished from the end of the nineteenth century. This wonderful calendar offers a selection of Nielsen’s characterful and atmospheric works depicting a variety of oft-forgotten fairy tales such as Minon-Minette, in which a princess is so light she is liable to being blown away; and The Lassie and her Godmother, where a girl is offered a choice between punishments for letting out the sun and the moon from locked rooms. 


9781783617821.jpgEnglish Travel Posters wall calendar

Evocative of an age gone by, this calendar full of retro travel posters is a real treat! You can’t fail to be enticed into visiting the beach at sunny Brighton, enjoying the scenic beauty of the Derbyshire Dales or simply following one poster’s advice to ‘Live in Kent and Be Content’. Works of art as much as advertisements, these posters dating to the 1920s to 1950s are bright, fun and full of historic character. Featuring locations from around England, you’re bound to find a scene to suit you.



9781783617814.jpgWords of Love & Friendship wall calendar

In this heartwarming calendar, delightful illustrations featuring flowers and birds, as well as seasonal imagery, encapsulate words to live your life by. Inspirational sayings offer the chance for spiritual reflection and life-affirming encouragement, as you’re reminded that home is where the heart is, and that friends and family will be there for you no matter what.



9781783618644.jpgBritish Library – Alice in Wonderland mini wall calendar

The British Library has a wonderful collection of illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and we’ve brought together 12 of the most delightful of them for this mini wall calendar. Drawn by such talents as Sir John Tenniel, Arthur Rackham, George Soper and Gwynedd M. Hudson, all your favourite scenes are here, from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to Alice’s vexing encounter with the Cheshire Cat.



9781783619252.jpgRupert Bear mini wall calendar

Rupert Bear made his first appearance in the Daily Express on 8 November 1920 and is still published in the newspaper to this day. Created by Mary Tourtel, he has since been drawn by a range of illustrators including Alfred Bestall, Alex Cubie and John Harrold. This mini calendar featuring annual covers and inside pages from throughout the decades is a visual treat for any lover of this endearing bear and his many friends. Revel with Rupert as he races across the waves, flies off on one of the Professor’s inventions or throws snowballs in the winter snow. Rupert’s enduring appeal is a testament to the illustrators that have made him come to life over the years.


9781783619078.jpgMoomins on the Riviera mini wall calendar

When Tove Jansson (1914–2001) first created the Moomins it would have been impossible for her to know how adored they would become. Her characters have not only remained popular to this day, but were even brought to the big screen recently in Moomins on the Riviera, a movie based on Jansson’s comic strip of the same name. In the movie, the Moomins, Snorkmaiden and Little My set sail for the Riviera, and face sinister storms and exciting extravagance on their incredible journey. Featuring 12 wonderful film stills, this mini wall calendar is a celebration of the love we still have for these wonderful characters and their many adventures.  


9781783618590.jpgArt Deco Design mini wall calendar

Art Deco is a distinctive and highly eclectic style that was an amalgam of the styles and movements that exerted an influence on early twentieth century art. Whilst Art Nouveau had been defined by the sinuous lines and organic forms it employed, Art Deco was based on geometric shapes and designs. Artists and craftspeople in a variety of disciplines were eager to embrace the new style and Art Deco began to appear in architecture, jewellery, furniture-making, sculpture, textile design and glassmaking. This mini wall calendar is a selection of 12 bold and striking art deco patterns which will make a wonderful addition to any wall.


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