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Top 10 Flame Tree Calendars | Photography | NPG and Others

Posted by Laura Bulbeck

This week it’s the turn of our fabulous photography calendars to take to the stage. Including stunning images of our awe inspiring night sky, to intimate portraits of Hollywood’s golden age stars, and the beauty of ‘The City of Love’. Here are 10 of our best photographic 2018 wall calendars.

9781786643094.jpgLondon by Lamplight

Experience London as you’ve never seen it before with this wonderfully atmospheric calendar. These evocative images were created using lantern slides, a technique which allowed photographs to be projected with a unique and inspiring quality. Featuring old-fashioned views of Piccadilly Circus and Park Lane, see London in 1910 with this beautiful and historical calendar.




9781786642653.jpgRoyal Shakespeare Company

The plays of William Shakespeare have an everlasting appeal. More than 400 years after his death Shakespeare's plays still enthrall audiences today, making them laugh, cry and cheer at his timeless stories. The Royal Shakespeare Company calendar not only celebrates Shakespeare’s iconic characters but also the photography of Angus McBean (1904-90), who revolutionised theatre photography in the late 1930s. Including striking images of Lawrence Olivier as Malvolio in Twelfth Night and Vivien Leigh as Lady Macbeth, experience the theatre wherever you hang this wonderful calendar.


9781786642578.jpgV&A John French

John French (1907-66) was a fashion and portrait photographer who pioneered a new form of photography that suited reproduction in newsprint. Devoting much of his time to the setting and posing of his models, with a focus on using natural light he became one of London’s foremost fashion photographers. Relive the glory days of iconic 1960s fashion with this striking calendar full of his fashion photos from the V&A's collection, all captured with French’s clear eye for detail.



9781786642776.jpgAstronomy Photographer of the Year

Produced in connection with Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year, astrophotographers all over the world have captured images seemingly from other planet, including the majesty of our closest celestial body and the breathtaking sights of the Northern Lights. The awe-inspiring magnitude of space continues to inspire with these photographs. Observe infinity and beyond with this stunning calendar, nominated for the Best Scenic Calendar at The Calies 2017!



9781786644145.jpgNational Portrait Gallery

The days of producing classic movies on the Warner Bros. lot may be gone, but they are not forgotten. From the National Portrait Gallery’s collection comes 12 photographs featuring intimate portraits of the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age including Charlie Chaplain, Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine, this calendar brings nostalgia and class wherever it goes.




9781786643124.jpgDancing Girls

Iconic and sometimes provocative, the era of Dancing Girls was at its height in the 1920 and 30s. Synonymous with The Great Gatsby and Prohibition America, Dancing Girls would entertain and delight in films, clubs and at the theatre. Sometimes referred to as Flappers, these larger than life ladies ushered in new and exciting styles and transformed dancing culture. With this calendar you Can-Can experience the height of this exciting era.



9781786643025.jpgTattoo Art Calendar

Tattoos are an ever growing and exciting art form which has gained huge popularity over the last 20 years. Once it was only sailors and prisoners who were inked, now tattoo artists everywhere use eye-popping colours and delicate lines to create intricate designs for anyone. Treat your eyes to this colourful calendar filled with striking tattoos from back-pieces to sleeves to the classic nautical theme.



9781786643162.jpgExtreme Sports Calendar

Do you live life on the edge? Or in awe of those who do? This calendar features breathtaking photos that are extreme in every way. Witness the adventurers who climb shear rock faces, abseil off cliffs, kayak in white water rapids, surf the biggest waves and more! This calendar will surely make you want to explore the great outdoors.




9781786643414.jpgGreat Moments in English Football History

Relive some of the golden moments from English Football History with this exciting calendar. Featuring classics from over 50 years, including photos from World Cup Quarter Finals against Argentina in 1966, Cameroon in 1990 and the height of England’s football career, the 4-1 victory against West Germany in 1966. This is a brilliant calendar celebrating the beautiful game.




9781786643186.jpgThe Beauty of Paris

Of all the cities in the world, Paris stands out as one of the most artistic, unique and beautiful. From the iconic and instantly recognizable Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame, Paris features some of the most diverse and individual architecture of any city. This calendar captures the spectacular city in a wonderful light, it’ll surely make you want to pack your bags and go tomorrow!





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