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What’s On In London | Art Calendars

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

London: this great city is forever pulsing with activity, a veritable haven of culture and innovation. For art-lovers, there’s a great selection of museums, galleries and exhibitions covering all sorts of tastes, from fashion and design to war memorabilia. There’s always something going on, which can be both very exciting and extremely overwhelming, so below we’ve gathered a pick of our favourite current and upcoming events. Our fantastic range of 2016 calendars is also now available, with a number of our licensed calendars produced in partnership with the cultural hotspots of the capital, including the V&A, the Tate, the RA, the Royal Opera House and many others.


'The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop': Marketed as ‘pop art, but not as you know it’, this Tate exhibition is an exploration of art produced around the world in the sixties and seventies, taking a look at how various artists engaged with the emerging pop art movement. This global view demonstrates the use of pop art and its offshoots as a wider tool of expression in a range of cultures, not just calling upon the Anglo-American mainstream imagery and ideas that have identified the movement for most people. The autumnal exhibition is run at the Tate Modern between 17th September 2015 and 24th January 2016, and promises an explosion of colour, fresh perspectives, and little-seen great artists. Read more here

Our range of 2016 Tate calendars focus on both contemporary and classic artists. With images from the Tate collection, you can choose from beautiful scenes by the master painter of landscapes J.M.W. Turner, or the evocative works of an age gone by in Victorian Life & Art. Alternatively, get lost in the illusory ‘Op Art’ of the beloved contemporary artist Bridget Riley, or in the abstract work of Terry Frost.

Royal Academy of Arts

2016 looks set to be an exciting year at the RA. The programme includes David Hockney, Abstract Expressionism, James Ensor, Giorgione, as well as Monet’s Garden at Giverny and the artistic development through the generations towards the modern urban garden. The artistic director reveals more about the intriguing line-up here

With their fantastic set of Royal Academicians, the RA is a place where new art is both appreciated and actively promoted. They are currently exhibiting the bold, powerful work of the great Ai Weiwei, in a striking exhibition that runs from 19th September to 13th December.

Our annual RA calendar remains popular and this coming year features work by the likes of Barbara Rae, Albert Irvin and Gary Hume. Take a look here.


As the leading museum of art and design, exhibitions at the V&A are hotly anticipated and expertly curated. They offer an impressive all-round experience, with this year’s Spring 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' exhibition drawing in more than 480,000 people, making it their most popular exhibition to date. Be sure to get yourself down to the current 'Shoes: Pleasure and Pain' exhibition, which is similarly enjoying many visitors and features everything from Vivienne Westwood high heels to 18th century pompadour shoes. Prepare to be fascinated by the sheer variety of footwear styles that have been designed throughout history, in this exhibition that ends on 31st January 2016.

Why not complement your visit with our V&A Shoes calendar? Find it here, or have a look at our other 2016 V&A calendars, which showcase in turn beautiful images of Oriental Silks, Arts & Crafts Tiles, and the woodcut work of Eric Ravilious.

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National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is currently showing the exhibition 'Giacometti: Pure Presence'. The Italian-Swiss artist Giacometti is usually associated with the long, solitary, spindly figures of his sculptures; here we have the first exhibition to focus on his portraits, with over 60 of his paintings, sculptures and drawings on display. Shedding light on his family relationships, this exhibition gives a very personal account of Giacometti’s life and work, as well as exposing us to those people closest to him that shaped his character. This National Portrait Gallery exhibition runs till the 10th January 2016. If you’d rather beat the weekend crowds but can’t go in the daytime during the week, don’t forget that this gallery is open late every Thursday and Friday until 9pm!

Our 2016 National Portrait Gallery calendar is a treat for literature-lovers. Featuring iconic portraits of such greats as Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, James Joyce and J.K. Rowling, every month is a fresh delight. Take a peek or order it from here.

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum boasts an impressive collection of artifacts, telling the story of people’s wartime experiences and their various responses to conflict. Running until 25 September 2016, the free exhibition ‘Visions of War Above and Below’ showcases imaginative artworks created from the First World War to today. Also running at the moment is the exhibition ‘A Woman’s War’, which examines the impact of the Second World War on women’s lives, captured through the work of the important female war photographer Lee Miller. The exhibition lasts until 24th April 2016 and you can book tickets here

Our 2016 IWM calendar ‘Spitfires’ is available to order here. A mix of historical photography and colourful war posters, this calendar is ideal for fans of the legendary fighter plane.


This is just a small selection of the great variety of art calendars that we publish each year. If you’d like to take a look at our whole range of 2016 calendars, follow this link.

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