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The Origins of Fantasy Art

Posted by Josie Mitchell

Fantasy art started from very humble beginnings in pulp magazines and has become such a phenomenon in recent times that it has inspired some of the most popular TV shows, films and books – whether it's the incredible immersive world of Tolkien, the World of Warcraft franchise or the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett that still fly off the shelves. How did fantasy become so popular? What is it about the world of fantasy art that draws people in? In this blog we will look at that journey, and what characters, writers and artists have helped the genre to develop into what it is today.

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Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott | Science Fiction Short Stories

Posted by Josie Mitchell

One of the classic works that we just couldn't not feature in our Science Fiction Short Stories was Flatland, a novella by Edwin A. Abbott. This very well-known work of science fiction is a must read if you love SF and haven't yet delved into the dimensions created by Abbott.

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