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Immigrant Sci-Fi Short Stories | Successful Submissions & Selected Stories

Posted by Catherine Taylor

We’re pleased to announce the authors included in our upcoming anthology: Immigrant Sci-Fi Short Stories! Earlier this year, we opened for submissions from writers with a variety of personal connections to the experience of immigration, migration and relocation, in order to give voice to those telling stories from the perspective of the incoming. The book, due to be published in mid-March (UK) and late April 2023 (North America), combines new submissions, complemented by selected contemporary and modern stories, set in future, interstellar, fantastical and alternative realities, with a foundation of older, realist narratives exploring the plights and adventures of immigrants. Award-winning author of Alien StoriesE.C. Osonduprovides the foreword, alongside an insightful introduction by Betsy Huang, Ph.D., and with guidance from author and educator Sarah Raphael García, this is an intriguing view of the conflict and anxiety between the settled and the unsettled. We’re delighted to have chosen the stories below for inclusion: 

Immigrant Sci-Fi Short Stories
An Absolute Amount of Sadness by Ali Abbas 
Refugees by Celu Amberstone
Point of Entry by Bebe Bayliss
A Foot in Two Worlds by Christine Bennett
How Rigel Gained a Rabbi (Briefly) by Benjamin Blattberg 
Fallon Storm by Judi Calhoun
RingWorm by V. Castro
El Bordado by P.A. Cornell
A World Away and Buried Deep by Yelena Crane
The Moon is Not a Battlefield by Indrapramit Das
We Are All of Us by Deborah L. Davitt
Native Aliens by Greg van Eekhout
Babies Come from Earth by Louis Evans
Warhorse by Illimani Ferreira
Of Aspic and Other Things by Beáta Fülöp
Danae by Elana Gomel
The Remaking of Gloria by Eileen Gonzalez
Rumblings by Roy Gray
Eater and A by Alex Gurevich 
The Taste of Centuries, the Taste of Home by Jennifer Hudak
Oshun, Inc. by Jordan Ifueko
A Satchel of Seeds by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito 
Voices From Another World by Jas Kainth 
Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu
A Rosella’s Home by Samara Lo
I Need to Keep It Moving by Kwame M.A. McPherson
Memory Store by E.C. Osondu
Sacrifice by E.C. Osondu
Ysarin by Simon Pan
I Will Be Mila Tomorrow by C.R. Serajeddini
Four-Point Affective Calibration by Bogi Takács
Red Berry, White Berry by Kanishk Tantia
Potential by Tehnuka
The Green Ship by Francesco Verso; Translated by Michael Colbert
Home Sick by M. Darusha Wehm
Alabanda by Kevin Martens Wong
All That Water by Eris Young
These successful submissions will appear alongside classic sci-fi by Otto (Eando) Binder, Fredric Brown and Zenna Henderson, and will be prefaced by realist narratives by Mary Antin, Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, Abraham Cahan, James Frances Dwyer, Sui Sin Far, Lee Yan Phou, Constantine Panunzio, Mary R. Parkman, Demetra Vaka, Mabel Osgood Wright and Anzia Yezierska. This book will be available to buy next year via book stores, Amazon, and our website page for Immigrant Sci-Fi Short Stories!
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