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An Evening at the 2015 VMAs | Bieber, Taylor Swift, Kanye, Nicki Minaj & more | Music News

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

The MTV video music awards took place on 30th August, and as usual there were all manner of outfits and personalities sparking excitable conversation on Twitter. What with One Direction's recent announcement about splitting up, there was already a flurry of interest in the music industry's most recent news, but how interested were the people in the music video awards? TV ratings would suggest not very, with an all-time low, so positive reports are choosing to focus on Twitter ratings instead, which by contrast rocketed: Nielsen reports that the VMAs this year was the most-tweeted non-sports program since 2011 (when Nielsen first began tracking Twitter TV activity). The 2014 awards generated 12.6 million tweets, which this year’s far surpassed with more than double that figure: US stats show 21.4 million tweets from users. As usual, the music videos seemed to take a backseat in the night’s affairs, with the drama all happening with the figures onstage. We'll do a quick run-down of the highlights of this year's awards.

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Celebrity Gossip: Top 10 Countdown 2013 Music

Posted by Emma Chafer

2013 is almost at an end and the world of music has not been quiet this year, oh no! From Bieber goes bad to Rihanna gets raunchy the music world has given us some memorable moments that need to be remembered before the bells of Auld Lang Syne chime! Here, in the first of two blog posts, we count down the most memorable music moments of 2013 from ten to six.

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