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Moomins on the Riviera: Elegant, Witty & Flawlessly Faithful

Posted by Matt Knight


'They are the Moomins… They are the Moomins…' For many others like me, "The Moomins" is a nostalgia loaded term that shoots me straight back to my childhood when I watched the popular anime TV series. That charming, yet also strangely melancholy theme song is just one of the many distinctive aspects of the fiercely unique comic creation. Watch the intro to the TV show here

It was the popular 1990's TV show that really prompted wide-spread 'Moomin-mania' (there was an earlier TV series 'The Moomins' done in a stop motion style too). Since then audiences have been entranced by creator Tove Jansson's melding of her Finnish homeland's beauty, with the relatable family dynamics and enthralling adventures Moomtroll and his comrades undertake.

We've actually put together a succinct timeline covering The Moominsʻ creation and their ensuing popularity. You can read it here.

This week sees the release of the first Moomin film since 2010's Moomins and the Comet Chase. Already the early reviews have praised the movie for its charming, hand-drawn aesthetic, as well as it's witty pastiche on high society. The List complimented not only MOTR's style, but also it's thoughtfulness. Reporting that long-time Moomin fans will find plenty of nostalgia in this original story. 

Empire's movie review championed the film's "knowing wit and wry Nordic wisdom". Reassuring us that the multi-layered approach to story-telling that has ensured the Moomin's enduring appeal is not lost in this latest tale for the silver screen. 

Though Josh Patterson for The Guardian says that he missed Moomin Valley, he was more than satisfied with the ensuing tale of bumbling Moomins in the refined Riveria. Finding humour in the Moomin's disruption of high societies' repose, Patterson's of the opinion that MOTR is a beautiful animation that "should appeal to kids now just as the books did to this kid back then".


Here at Flame Tree we love the Tove Jansson's fantastical creations. To celebrate the release of The Moomins on the Riviera, we've created a special calendar to show off the new artwork as Moomintroll, Moominpappa, Moominmamma and their friends explore the french Riveria. (For those who love the original comic artwork too, we have a charming mini calendar which you can take a look at here). 

With scenes that hold true to The Moomin's values of tolerance, compassion, adventure, curiosity, and much more, you'll find our carefully curated calendars represent the gamut of The Moomin's best sensibilities, making them a must own for Moomin lovers. Take a look at our beautiful 2016 calendar here.

For even more Moomins plus other news and articles on animation, stay tuned to our blog. 

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