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FLAME TREE PRESS | July Releases | Upcoming Titles

Posted by Maria Tissot

We have some great titles coming out in the next few months, so we wanted to talk about them here! We have yet another amazing Flame Tree Horror from Jonathan Janz and from JG Faherty. We also have a new Thriller/Crime novel from Faye Snowden being released soon! Check out today's blog for more details about everything we have coming up over the next couple of months!

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Flame Tree Press | September Releases | Origins and Futures

Posted by Nick Wells

The roots of what we now call genre fiction reach back to the beginnings of civilization where humankind sought to explain the dramatic events of nature through myths and stories. Darkness, the supernatural, tales of the unknown, with creatures emerging from the woods, the sea, the skies, these themes still play on our collective fears, even as technology is close to taking us beyond our solar system we still explore the mysteries of the world on our mobiles, movies, streamed TV and, of course, our books. And at Flame Tree, we love this stuff!


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