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Short Story Submissions: Haunted House | Cosy Crime

Posted by Gillian Whitaker


We're excited to open for submissions to the first two of four anthologies set for publication in 2019: Haunted House and Cosy Crime. These will join a thriving list of Gothic Fantasy titles, including Supernatural Horror, Robots & Artificial Intelligence, Dystopia Utopia, and more. Again, we are looking for around twenty to thirty short stories by contemporary writers to complement a selection of classic tales in these anthologies. We are keen to encourage new writers, without prejudice to age, background or previous publication history. It’s the story that matters, and the quality of writing.

Submit by email to 2018@flametreepublishing.com

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Topics: Gothic Fantasy, Short Stories, crime,, horror

Our New Essential Gothic, SF and Dark Fantasy Series...

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

Often, the best way to understand a text is to understand the context in which it was written. A central part of this involves the story of the writers themselves. As such, learning about their lives, or what led to their writing of a text, can be very important in fully appreciating what they wrote. In our new editions of essential Gothic, Sci-Fi and Dark Fantasy books, we have included biographies of the authors so you can learn more about them and see how their life may have affected the tales they told. We thought, for this week’s blog, we would pick out singular moments in each author’s life that highlight the influence their background might have had on their work…

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Film Review: Hereditary

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

It’s always intriguing when a film is met with rave reviews from critics but a lukewarm reception from the public. At the time of writing this Hereditary holds a 91% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes and only a 58% with audiences. I’ve read some reviews that put this down to audiences expecting a different kind of horror that they’ve been conditioned to want by countless Purge and Final Destination movies. I’m not sure that that’s very fair.

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Topics: film, Film Review, supernatural, horror

Film Review: Veronica

Posted by Matteo Middlemiss

With a release that had next to no advertising, ‘Verónica’ sort of slipped people by. It was released to Toronto film festival and some Spanish markets in late 2017 but was then released on to Netflix in late February of this year. It gained some traction online at the time but over the recent bank holiday weekend it seems to have exploded. I read several articles with headlines like ‘The scariest movie you’ll watch this year!’ or ‘The film so scary people have to turn it off!’ and I was understandably intrigued.

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Topics: film, Film Review, review, supernatural, horror

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