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Why Was Art Nouveau the Art Revolt People Were looking for?

Posted by Matteo MIddlemiss

The Culture Shock that was Art Nouveau

To understand Art Nouveau you first have to understand the ground it grew out of. The cultural and political shock of the French Revolution had left deep wounds throughout Europe and caused artists to resort to traditional art styles. In these traditions there was a familiarity, recognisability and in some sense a safety. With the advent of Gothic Revival, in England, and Neoclassical, Neo Renaissance and Neo Baroque styles emerging across Europe there was a clear demand for visual art that harkened back to past eras.

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FLAME TREE PRESS: Fiction, Art & Music

Posted by Nick Wells

FLAME TREE PRESS: Fiction, Art & Music

We’re launching a new imprint: Flame Tree Press. It’s an exciting new challenge. We’ll share the journey as we seek submissions, edit, promote and publish a series of new publications from the second half of 2017.

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