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The Beauty of the Magna Carta | Flame Tree Calendars

Posted by Gillian Whitaker

This year celebrates the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. As an emblem of freedom and people’s rights, it is an object steeped in significance, with a relevance well beyond its time and place. Describing the document’s birth as a ‘practical solution to a political crisis’, the British Library’s recent exhibition celebrated the historical repercussions since the 13th century document was first sealed.

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Art Calendars: Illuminated Manuscripts

Posted by Laura Bulbeck

Our art calendars have been taking a lot of my focus recently, and today I've been working on our Illuminated Manuscripts wall calendar for 2015. (Yes I know, we're looking that far ahead already!) Having just seen how beautifully the 2014 calendar has turned out, we decided there was too much scope not to do it again for 2015 (and we didn't need much persuading). The artwork is stunning, and the history behind them is just as fascinating.

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Topics: medieval art, illuminated manuscripts, British Library, art calendars

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