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Film Review: A Simple Favour

Robots & AI | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Robots & AI | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Haunted House; Cosy Crime

Flame Tree Press | Upcoming Releases | October, November & December

Flame Tree Press | September Releases | Origins and Futures

Flame Tree Press | September Releases | The Books

Flame Tree Press | September Releases | The Authors

Flame Tree Press | September Releases | Q&A with Don D'Auria

Lost Souls | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Lost Souls | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Film Review: Searching

Film Review: Incredibles 2

Film Review: Skyscraper

The Myths of Babylon and Egypt: Animals

Short Story Submissions: Haunted House | Cosy Crime

Film Review: Sicario: Soldado

Our New Essential Gothic, SF and Dark Fantasy Series...

Film Review: Hereditary

Film Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Film Review: Veronica

Gothic Dreams: Mermaids Through History

Film Review: Avengers:Infinity War

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Lost Souls; Robots & Artificial Intelligence

Film Review: Ghost Stories

Film Review: A Quiet Place

Gothic Fantasy | Bram Stoker Horror Stories

Film Review: Tomb Raider

Alien Invasion | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Alien Invasion | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Endless Apocalypse | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Endless Apocalypse | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Gothic Fantasy | Edgar Allan Poe Short Stories

Gothic Fantasy | Sherlock Holmes Collection


Gothic Fantasy | Lovecraft Short Stories

Short Story Submissions: Lost Souls | Robots & Artificial Intelligence

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions: Endless Apocalypse; Alien Invasion

Pirates & Ghosts | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Pirates & Ghosts | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Agents & Spies | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Agents & Spies | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Short Story Submissions | Alien Invasion and Endless Apocalypse

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Agents & Spies; Pirates & Ghosts

Time Travel | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Time Travel | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Heroic Fantasy | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales & Writing Practices

Heroic Fantasy | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Short Story Submissions | Pirates & Ghosts and Agents & Spies

Supernatural Horror | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales and Writing Practices

Supernatural Horror | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Lost Worlds | Author Q&A | Favourite Tales and Writing Practices

Lost Worlds | Author Q&A | Story Inspirations

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Time Travel; Heroic Fantasy

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Lost Worlds; Supernatural Horror

2017 Short Story Submissions

Utopia Downloads

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Dystopia Utopia; Swords & Steam

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions | Murder Mayhem; Crime & Mystery

2016 Short Story Submissions

Rituals, Pain and Egyptian Mummies – The Origins of Tattoo Art

The Origins of Fantasy Art

A Cracking Collection of Cosplay from 2015!

6 of the Most Epic Warriors Around | Fantasy Art

A Brief History of Smaug | Dragon Art

A Journey with Jules Verne | Author Biographies

James Bond, Spectre and the Day of the Dead

The 8 Most Effective On-Screen Dragons

The 8 Most Iconic Dragons from Western Literature

Gothic Short Fiction | Washington Irving and the Knickerbocker Group

Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott | Science Fiction Short Stories

Great Science Fiction from the East | Gothic Fantasy

Gothic Fantasy titles moved to September

Chilling Ghost Biographies | Wilkie Collins

John Howe | From Middle Earth to Dragon Art

Chilling Horror Biography | William Hope Hodgson

Cthulhu Conquers the World... and Space | Gothic Dreams

Science Fiction Short Stories: Author Bios

Dreams in Art and Blurred Realities | Gothic Fantasy

Chilling Ghost Short Stories: Author Bios

Chilling Horror Short Stories: Author Biogs

Will Fallout 4 be the Best Video Game Dystopia? | Gothic Dreams

Gothic Fantasy: Successful Submissions

Gothic Fantasy Call for Submission: Gone to Press!

Celestial Art | Terms and Conditions

Celestial Art, Inspiration and Gothic Dreams | Josephine Wall

Round-Up of the Best Superhero Movies at Comic Con 2015

Superhero Movies Everywhere! | Superman v Batman at Comic Con 2015

Day Z Beta At E3 2015 | Gothic Art

Josephine Wall, Painter of Dreams | Fantasy Art

The Game of Thrones Finale and Why We Love Dragon Art

5 Iconic Sci-Fi Movie Posters | Fantasy Art

The Secret Power of Movie Posters | Superhero Movies

How To Construct a Page | Manga Made Easy

Origins of Gothic Fantasy: Science Fiction

Origins of Gothic Fantasy: Ghost Stories

Origins of Gothic Fantasy: Gothic Horror Stories

Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, and Other Comic Crossovers | Superhero Movies

Short Story Submissions (Gothic Fantasy)

Taking the 'Man' Out of Superman v Batman | Superhero Movies

Does an Excess of Power Always Lead to Dystopia? | Gothic Dreams

Avengers: Age of Ultron & Other Superhero Sequels | Superhero Movies

Goya at the Courtauld Gallery & Amazing Gothic eBooks | Gothic Dreams

Dystopias in Literature | Gothic Dreams

What Is The Necronomicon? | Gothic Horror

Exhibitions on Terror and Wonder: The Legacy of Gothic Horror

Tattoo Art & Recent Popularity | Art Calendars

Gothic Dreams: Dystopian Futures

Amazing Cthulhu Artwork

Gothic Horror: The Gothic Imagination

Gothic Dreams: Violent Dystopian Books

Destiny, Female Thor, and the Evolution of Ancient Lore

2015 Supernatural TV Series Buildup: Zombies

2015 Supernatural TV Series Buildup: Vampires

Pulp Fiction: Creepy Stories and Weird Tales

Fantasy Art: Warrior Heroine by Leslie J. Lee

Zombie Pictures Everywhere: Science Fiction to Zombie Apocalypse

Gothic Fantasy Art: Vampires

Zombie Pictures: Romero, the Zombie Godfather

Fantasy Art: Michael C. Hayes

Fantasy Fiction to Big Screen: Hercules

Dragon Art: Dragons Take Over

Illustrated eBooks: Tattoo Art. iPad Ready

Tattoo Art: Old School & New School

Illustrated eBooks: Dragon Art. iPad Ready.

Illustrated eBooks: Fantasy Art: Warriors & Heroes. iPad Ready

Fantasy Art: Frank Frazetta

Illustrated eBooks: Steampunk. iPad Ready

Fantasy Art: Steampunk and Cinema

Gothic Dreams: Cthulhu

Gothic Dreams: Apollo, A Cthulhu Book Review

Gothic Art: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Gothic Dreams: The Cthulhu Mythos

Gothic Horror: The Monk - Book Review

Dragon Art Artist: Michael Whelan

Fantasy Art: Ken Kelly: Master Artist

Gothic Fantasy Art: Anne Stokes

Gothic Fantasy Art: Brom

Gothic Fantasy Art: Cris Ortega

Creepy Stories: The Dream Snake. Robert E. Howard (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: The Worms of the Earth. Robert E. Howard (whole text)

Creepy Stories: The Tunnel Under the World. Frederik Pohl (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: The Shunned House. H P Lovecraft (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: Seed of the Arctic Ice. H. G. Winter (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: A Martian Odyssey. Stanley Weinbaum. (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: Marooned Under the Sea. Paul Ernst (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: Pickman's Model, H. P. Lovecraft (whole text)

Creepy Stories: A Story of the Days to Come, H.G. Wells (whole text)

Creepy Stories: McIlvaine's Star by August Derleth (whole text)

Creepy Stories: The Gateway of the Monster, William Hope Hodgson (whole text)

Creepy Stories: National Theatre's Frankenstein

Creepy Stories: The Haunter of the Dark. H.P. Lovecraft (whole text)

Creepy Stories: Red Shadows, by Robert E. Howard

Amazing Stories: Buck Rogers' 1st Adventure (Whole Text)

Creepy Stories: The Call of Cthulhu. H.P. Lovecraft.

Science Fiction Classic: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Fantasy Fiction: Theseus and the Minotaur

Creepy Stories: The Eyes Have It by Philip K. Dick

Gothic Horror: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Horror Classic: Bram Stoker's Dracula

Horror Classic: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

SF Fiction Review: The Man in the High Castle

SF Fiction Legend: Frederik Pohl

SF Fiction Review: The Time Machine

Dracula: The Dark Heart of Film

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